Add a Script to a Project

Add a Script as an asset to a Project. Any members of that Project may then use that asset toward the goals of that Project.

Add a Script to a Project

Adding a Script to a Project adds that Process as an asset to that Project. Any Project member may then use that asset toward the goals of that Project.

Permission Required

Your user account or group membership must have one of the following:

  • the View Scripts permission in the Scripts category of permissions

  • a member of any Project

  • your user account has the Make this user a Super Admin setting selected

Ask your Administrator for assistance if necessary.

Follow these steps to add a Script to a Project:

  1. View your Scripts. The Scripts tab displays.

  2. Optionally, select the Use a copy of this asset option to use a copy of this Script as the Project asset instead of the original. When selecting this option, any revisions made to the original Script do not affect yours in your Project(s), and vice versa. Consider this option a best practice to use, especially if you intend to make changes from the original Script that may not be an asset in any Project.

  3. Click Add. The Script is added as an asset to the selected Project(s).

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